Unlimited Potential
Architects of sustainable transformation in South Africa.
Unlimited Potential
Leaders in quality training and skills development.
Unlimited Potential
Champions of B-BBEE best practice and compliance.

ApexU is a proud B-BBEE Level 1, 100% black-owned, 100% designated black-owned transformation and skills development provider.

Our team is at the forefront of skills development and B-BBEE practices, and are constantly undergoing training, which ensures that our clients receive tailor-made skills solutions that not only achieve B-BBEE compliance, but also tangible transformation within South Africa.

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Dr Ruval Boosi

Dr Ruval Boosi is an innovative young professional committed to transformation and skills development in South Africa. After graduating from WITS University with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, he spent several years working in both the state and private sector of South Africa’s healthcare system.

In light of the significant poverty and inequality that South Africa faces, Ruval set his mind on positively contributing to transformation. Together with Byron Lazarides, Ruval is the co-founder of APEX Transformation Advisory – a fully-fledged transformation consultancy specialising in full-level support and consulting in the B-BBEE space – servicing small, medium and large enterprises.

The partners went on to establish APEX Academy, aimed at granting all segments of society access to valuable learning resources. These enterprises bring Ruval closer to his goal of realising true transformation in South Africa, while maximising client benefits through a calculated return on investment and customised solutions.

Byron Lazarides

Byron Lazarides is a young, dynamic entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science degree (Honours) in Building Science. He began his career in construction and engineering, working on billion-rand commercial projects in the heart of Sandton. Here he gained the knowledge and discipline required to work and interact with an array of people, including developers, clients and specialist contractors.

With this experience in hand, Byron pursued his real passion by combining business principles with social responsibility and made a bold move into the B-BBEE arena. An expert consultant specialising in B-BBEE aligned skills development, he then co-founded APEX Transformation Advisory with Dr Boosi.

As co-founder of APEX Academy, Byron continues to build on his vision, focusing on expanding operations in order to achieve maximum benefit for the community as well as for his clients.